Een tip : Nick Clegg over de nieuwe ( groene ) economie


Hvandeker : Vandaag kreeg ik een tip van een groene vriend : kijk eens en luister naar de toespraak van de chef van de Britse Liberal Democrats , Nick Clegg, als hij het oa heeft over de nieuwe groene economie, zoals hij en zijn partij dat zien. Ik heb dat gedaan en er zit inderdaad heel veel groene visie achter. Bedankt Jan voor de tip.... Bron : website van de Liberal Democrats.  



" I want us to be the first country in the world to move to a new economy.

A green economy.

As well as risking the very future of our planet.

Our need for dirty energy is crippling us economically.

There are growing links between climate change, biofuels, and rising food prices.

And inflation is fuelled. by fuel.

One way or another, together we are going to have to use less energy.

And much less dirty energy.

It's the only way to stop the growing threat of disastrous climate change.

There must be no third runway at Heathrow, no expansion of Stansted,

And for power stations - no Kingsnorth, no more dirty coal, no nuclear.

I want to see public transport expanded, with investment funded through charges on road haulage.

I want to see homes and businesses become energy efficient - saving money in the process.

And I want a huge expansion of renewable energy - meeting and exceeding the commitments Labour has given up on.

If we make the change now, Britain will lead the world on green technology.

Driving growth through green collar jobs.

Achieving energy independence within the EU.

Independence because our position on the international stage is weakened by the West's desperate hunger for fuel.

We cower in the shadow of countries we want to stand up to.

Because we're afraid they might turn off our lights.

Just look at where we stand with Russia.

And in the Middle East.

Dependence on fossil fuels undermines the fight for human rights.

It halts the onward march of democracy.

It's got to end.

Instead of basing foreign policy on the principle of "who's got the fuel".

We need to base it on the principles of justice.

On our British values:

Freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Fair, and green.

This is the new economy we will build " .

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